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Eternities Apart

I’ve been thinking about life in general. How we all get out of bed every morning and follow the same basic routine every day…coming and going to work, to school, so on and so forth and in doing so, we walk or drive by our neighbors homes, with or without seeing them. We go in and out of neighboring businesses and sometimes without even so much as knowing anything about the people who serve us. We go to the market and talk to the guy behind the register, to the bank and talk to the teller or even to the restaurant and interact with the waiter or waitress. Every situation is different but regardless, there is a constant point of contact in one way or another.

But for one moment, God gave me a glimpse of something and I want you to see the same thing. Picture your neighbor working in her garden or on his car, doing whatever it might be that you so often see them doing or that person standing behind the register, at the restaurant taking your order, at the bank cashing your paycheck and then remove all the scenery around that person, so that you don’t see them any longer standing in an earthly place but in eternity. Where are they?

What will you do? What does your heart of His, say to do?

Next time you’re out, do this excercise. Two people in one place, should never be unaware that they are standing eternities apart! Make heaven known where you are!

Matthew 22:39 says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

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