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A High Maintenance People

If you have ever wondered if you are too “high maintenance”, well, wonder no more! You are and you were created to be! God loves that about you!

I was reading yesterday a very popular verse and God once again overwhelmed me with just how much He loves me! 1 Peter 5:7 instructs us to “Cast all your care upon the Lord, for He cares for you.” That word “cast”, amongst other things, literally means to discard or throw away. And the word “care” refers to any thing or thought, a mental burden, worry or anxiety that we must continually maintain.

God knew just what he was doing when He made this part of His word, knowing that we are a “thoughtful” creation and that every thought has the potential to become a “high maintenance” thing for us.

In order for us to “maintain” something, we must tend to it, assert it, defend it, vindicate and justify it! So, if there’s a thought that we must continually maintain in our minds, a worry that we roll over and over again…each and every time we do that, we are 1. asserting to it, making it our own 2. defending it, as if it needs protection 3.vindicating it, building our faith in that thought or worry & 4. justifying it, showing it to be more true, just or valid than God’s very Word!

But God says, “No, you are not the maintainer here! I am! Cast all your cares upon Me, because I care for you!” Isn’t it beautiful how much He loves us? He “cares” for us! He continually maintains me (and you) in His thoughts! 1. He tends to us continually! He asserts to us, making us and then proving over and over again we are His own. Psalm 139 says that if we were to try to count His thoughts for us, they would be more in number than the sand! 2. He vindicates us…He puts His faith in us…because we are righteous and holy in Him and He believes we will endure to the end with Him! He has sown the greatest seed into our lives, Jesus! No one invests in something they don’t believe in! 4. He justifies us! He shows His word for our lives to be more true, more just, more valid than any other word, if we will uphold it!

So today, if you think you are “too high maintenance”! Think again! We serve the Most High God and you were created to be maintained! So get casting!

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