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Results May Vary

Oh! The famous fine print words! I have never taken a weight loss product but have taken note many times the words next to “Sally” in the latest Woman’s Day, who successfully lost 120 lbs. and 8 inches and went from a size 22 to a size 4, “Results may vary”. I think those words could be translated, “Sally is exceptional and the probability is that this won’t work for you and if it does, you won’t look like this!”

You may be wondering, why the analogy? Well, to be quite honest, I have felt like the person on the “varied” end more often than not recently. You know the formula…spend time with God, read the Word, pray, speak to the mountain, think on those things that are good, pay your tithe, etc. What happens when you do all those things…take the “pill”, do the exercise, keep your diet right and still nothing?

I hate the super-Christian mindset…when we know sister or brother so and so does the formula and they look great. They lost the weight and keep it off (got healed and don’t even get a headache, pay their tithe and don’t have to struggle financially, etc.) and their life is perfect! But look at me…I’m taking the formula too. Why won’t the weight come off? Why do I still get this headache? Why am I struggling when I am doing everything I know to do? Is this thing for real are are there only a select few who can work “the formula”?

Well, it sure seems that way and I have cried so many tears lately because if I have to look at one more picture of “Sally’ and hear the devil say to me, “Results may vary”…I may as well give up!

The good news is…I wrote what you have just read yesterday afternoon and didn’t post it because it is officially garbage! Not to mention, God sat me down last night and we had a long talk. First, He spelled my name for me and told me the correct pronunciation. To my surprise, my name isn’t spelled SALLY. He also put the Word, the mirror, up to my face and reminded me that the RESULTS DO NOT VARY! HE is the God of SALLY as much as He is the God of STACEY! All this and so much more…believe me! I was wrong and He made sure I knew it!

Then He took me on a journey through the promises that He has made to me and I believe Him! You know, we are to be Spirit led but the soul…when I studied it out means “leader” as well. And if we will allow it, our soul…our mind, will and emotions will govern us. I love this passage of scripture. David actually spoke to his soul in Psalm 62:5 “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” In the amplified, it says, silently submit to Him.

So in another words, in the Stacey translation…Soul, shut up already! You are SO on time out! If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all!

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