A Christmas Memory

19 Dec

Pastor Sharon asked us the other evening what our favorite Christmas memory was…and truly, it was hard to chose but I think one has just been created! I loved this night with my step daughter. I just had the most wonderful ‘mommy’ time with her, which is a very rare thing and a very valuable thing. Most of the time, we are all together and we just can’t get enough of her!

But tonight, I took her Christmas shopping…and we talked and had a great time and when she got in the car, she said, squeeling with delight, “Thank you!” and it did something to my heart. I knew she meant it. And when she got out of the car, we said our “I love you’s” but once again, I got the same “Thank you” out of her and it hadn’t lost any meaning since the first time she said it. What a precious thing! So precious!

Then it occurred to me…when was the last time I said thank you that way to anyone, especially my very loving, very giving, very wonderful heavenly Father? I say thank you to Him all the time…but like that? I want to make His heart feel like that. I’m catching up tonight…believe me!

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