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For A Time

Hello to my friends…I am beginning a fast today and will not be blogging again until the Lord releases me to do so.

I will leave you with two thoughts. One from the book of Proverbs, chapter 27 verse 21. “A hot furnace tests silver and gold, and people are tested by the praise they recieve.”

And the other is a quote I read just today…”The challenge — never negligible — regarding the Christian Scriptures is not getting them read, but read on their own terms, as God’s revelation.”
~ Eugene Peterson

I am entering into a time of reading the scriptures on their own terms, as God’s revelation. His words alone are always enough…

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Yet another Bible Bill Blog

OK since the Bible Bill is according to Yahoo, the most blogged about bill…I guess I can get in on this as well. This is an exerpt from an article that I read on Yahoo just this morning on this subject.

Broun’s simple congressional resolution aimed at honoring the Good Book has produced a push-back of biblical proportion in the blogosphere, with critics dismissing it as either unconstitutional or a waste of time. Jews in Congress and atheist activists are dismissing the resolution, while none of the many Democrats in Congress who are Christian have bothered to sign on as co-sponsors.

According to, the resolution is among the most-blogged-about pieces of legislation, with most posts less than complimentary in nature.

“Does that mean 2009 is not the year of the Bible?” mocked Rep. Barney Frank ­(D-Mass.), who is Jewish. “What is 2012 the year of? The Quran?” …

…“Right now, we’re seeing atheism on such a rise,” said David Silverman, vice president and national spokesman of American Atheists, a group dedicated to fighting for the civil rights of atheists.

“We are seeing Christianity on such a dramatic decline that we’re not particularly worried about it. We’re thinking that this kind of old-style George W. Bush Republicanism is about to go away,” Silverman said, referring to the latest Pew Forum survey of American religious life, which showed nonreligious Americans as the fastest-growing group.

OK, let me just insert here for just a moment. This is my opinion of that statement by Silverman. HA HA HA HA….hahahahahaha! Getting a good belly laugh out of that one! First of all to be an “atheist” is to believe nothing. And if you believe nothing you do nothing. You don’t get up. You don’t sit down. You don’t go to the left or to the right. You quite frankly will never move forward and most certainly cannot be on “the rise”. Atheism has made complacency a religion. Continuing now….

And it may be the best-selling book of all time, as Broun’s resolution points out, but the Bible isn’t such a popular legislative topic.

A search of Thomas, the online congressional database, for “Bible” yields just one other bill: a resolution to have the “Lincoln-Obama Bible” on permanent display in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Listen, I don’t think that anyone’s bible should be on display. It’s more important for it to be opened and in their lap at this point! Until you have lived it, it has no place as a memorial. And I say this with the most respect possible. I pray that someday, President Obama’s well used bible finds it’s place alongside of Lincoln’s. But don’t lay your hands on a bible that another man lived and gave his life for an think that it qualifies you, without looking into it yourself.

I quote our President Obama from yesterday’s Yahoo article concerning Guantanamo, “But if we continue to make decisions within a climate of fear, we will make more mistakes.”

I have news…the only counterpart to fear is true faith and love for God and His Word and mistakes will be made in any other climate, irregardless. Galatians 5:6 says, “faith works by love.” And faith and love can only be found in Christ Jesus. (1 Timothy 1:14)

1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:” The only perfect love is the love of Father God. God so loved us…and so did many of our founding fathers who laid the foundations of this great nation. Love was their motive and their faith yeilded results!


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Time to burn some bushels

Zephaniah 1:12
“And it shall come to pass at that time That I will search Jerusalem with lamps, And punish the men Who are settled in complacency, Who say in their heart, “The LORD will not do good, Nor will He do evil.”

The Lord has been speaking this passage to me for quite some time now and once again, I feel a conviction in my heart. God says he is sending out his lamps or the King James says “candles”. In prayer last Sunday night, this was made very clear to me. Rather than seeing cute little wax candles or even enclosed lamps, I saw what would be “fires” going forth. I saw or have the idea that we are to be “consuming” bushels, as it might be. All of this, yet I did not have a clear understanding of what a bushel by definition is. I looked it up and this is what I found in John Gill’s exposition..

1. anything which may hide and cover it, and so hinder its light and usefulness.

2. The Greek word (modiov) , rendered a “bushel”, answers to the Hebrew (hao) , “seah”, which is the very word used in Munster’s Hebrew Gospel; and this was a dry measure that held about a gallon and a half; and accordingly is rendered here by the Syriac (atao) .

3. The design of the expression is, that Christ has lighted the candle of the everlasting Gospel, and given gifts to men for the ministration of it, not to be concealed and neglected, or to be used as the servant did his lord’s money, wrap it up in a napkin, and hide it in the earth. Ministers are not, through slothfulness, to neglect the gift that is in them; nor, through fear, to hide their talents, or keep back any part of the Gospel, or cover anything out of sight, which may be profitable to souls…

Which leaves me wondering if this “bushel” that was meant to contain a “measure” is the same thing that contains our “measure of faith” that God has given us or even like the basket and store that Deuteronomy 28:5 mentions. “Blessed be thy basket and thy store.”

And what’s more interesting…and I don’t’ recall having seen this before is that in Mark 4:21 Jesus suggests that some might even hide their light under their bed. It says this, “And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick?”

How interesting…putting a flame or a fire under a bed or a place of “sleep” or settled ness. As the Greek defines it, a place of repose, which means lack of activity or to remain still.

And the original wording in Zephaniah, in the KJV, says “men, settled on their lees.” This is what John Gill’s has to say about that…

…like wine on the lees, quiet and undisturbed; in a good outward estate and condition, abounding in wealth and riches, and trusting therein; and which, as the Targum paraphrases it, they enjoy in great tranquility; Moab like, having never been emptied from vessel to vessel, (Jeremiah 48:11) and so concluded they should ever remain in the same state, and became hardened in sin, or “curdled”, and thickened, as the word signifies…

Oh glory…we are meant to be emptied from vessel to vessel! I don’t want this vessel of new wine to become settled on it’s lees. I have a feeling that in order to be filled up again and again, we must pour out! That’s why sometimes I drink the new wine and feel it’s effect and can just drink and drink but other times, I feel like I’m too saturated…not thirsty enough. I haven’t emptied out at all.

And then, here comes the part that has gripped my heart. The Lord said, “Who are settled in complacency, Who say in their heart, “The LORD will not do good, Nor will He do evil.”

That in our complacency, in our proclaiming to be a Christian yet lacking the actions, not willing to execute the Word given us, we demonstrate to others, that this is what God himself must be like. When we don’t do the good…save, heal, supply the need, minister peace and edification…do we give the impression that neither does He? When we don’t stand in defiance of what is unjust and declare the result of that…do we then give the impression that God is disinterested as well and that there will be no consequence?

I will be the first to repent…Father, forgive me for believing in my heart and speaking with my mouth, the Lord Jesus Christ and then nothing of who and what you are. Forgive me for misleading men and women…my family, my friends and even perfect strangers to believe that you are at all like me. Transform me today Lord. Transform me in such a way that they realize that I am altogether like you! I love you Lord and I want everyone to know it! Don’t let me walk by that woman and young man with downs syndrome ever again, thinking that they won’t want me to pray because they are an obvious target and have been prayed for time and time again with no result. Forgive me for supposing that they don’t have the faith to see it healed, just because he is already a man and has been living with this a long time. That’s saying that you think downs syndrome is not something you are interested in healing and that you are OK letting them live with it. Oh God…forgive me! And I thank you Lord for another opportunity…

Charles Swindoll said it best! “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

And I like this one as well… “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.”


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Me…a tyrant?

Psalm 51:12
Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

OK, you may think that I have gone off the deep end but I sure hope so. I bought this little daily devotion calendar from the book of Psalms at a yard sale the other day for a dollar and it had never been opened. First of all, it was 366 devotions and God has been prophetically speaking that number to a friend of mine for years now because that is her house number. He has been saying, “I am going to visit your house.” So, in turn, He has been speaking to me.

When I got home, I opened it to the current date and this is the passage that was on that page. Simply, “uphold me with your free spirit”. Well…I haven’t been able to just read over it and go on! Praise God!

I lay on my bed last night at what others might call an ungodly hour but Oh…it was Godly! God was there…I could almost feel the bed weigh down with His presence as He sat reading the word with me.

Holy Spirit. Free spirit. Uphold me with your free spirit. That word free is quite an interesting word. Not only does it mean what we would think it means…voluntary, willing, without price. It also means generous & liberal, MAGNANIMOUS!

That word magnanimous suggests a courageous spirit or nobility of feeling or generosity of mind. Uphold me with your courageous spirit Lord. Uphold me with the generosity of your mind.

And if that’s not enough…this is where I am astounded at Holy Spirit! The word free means… “sometimes a tyrant”. Now, I read that and thought…what? Now why would that be there? What does that have to do with Holy Spirit…free spirit?

So I began to search this word out. What does being a tyrant really entail? Look with me at the definition of tyranny. It means, “government in which absolute power is invested in a single ruler.” You see, there has been a perversion of what we understand to be “free” in America. We have called this country, “one nation under God”. According to my estimation, that should very well translate, “government in which absolute power is invested in a single ruler.” But freedom, taken out of context, has become the tool in the hand of the tyrant (counterfeit freedom)…the one who is unrestrained by law or constitution, a usurper of sovereignty. A tool used to eliminate the freedoms that have been given us and are rightfully ours.

Matthew 11:12 says, The kingdom of heaven, suffers violence (counterfeit freedom) and the violent (the tyrant, the truly free) taking it by force. Now there’s a thought! Turn about…fair play!

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All Four Chambers

Deuteronomy 6:5
And thou shalt love the Lord thy God will all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might.

Yesterday I wrote that to love is “to make one’s choice in”. And thou shalt make your choice in the Lord thy God with all…

And that’s where I have stopped and meditated. ALL…

What a word. It means:
the whole amount, quantity, or extent of…
When was the last time I used the whole amount…to it’s fullest extent, my heart, my soul and my strength on loving God? It would be better to ask…when do I begin?
as much as possible…
Again…have I even yet considered the capacity of possible?
the whole number or sum of…
How many components are there that I haven’t even yet tapped into?
every, all manner of…
Didn’t my mother teach me to use my manners?
nothing but, only, completely taken up with, given to, or absorbed by
Oh, let my heart be absorbed with loving Him! Let my heart be completely taken up with my Lord! Let my soul be completely taken up with my Lord! Let my strength be completely taken up with my Lord!
having or seeming to have (some physical feature) in conspicuous excess or prominence, for example: “She’s all legs.”
Oh Glory…all God…all Jesus…all Holy Ghost…all prominent in Stacey!
paying full attention with, for example: “I’m all ears”
Just imagine walking away from someone and having them say, “They were hearing things that I have never spoken to anyone but God.” Thus…ALL His ears. or “How did she see that in me? I don’t show that side of me to anyone.” Thus…ALL His eyes.
used up : entirely consumed
Nothing left…meat on God’s altar!
being more than one person or thing, for example, “Who all is coming?”
Go ahead! Invite me…but I’m never alone! How many people invite us knowing that they are inviting God too?

every member or individual component of
I saved this for last because this is where I want to camp out. I was reading a commentary on this passage (John Gill’s exposition) and he made this statement referring to all:

“with thy heart not divided about God, a heart not divided between God and the creature”

Sure, I can read this explanation and understand that my heart should not be divided between God and man or between God and any other thing for that matter. But my heart “divided about God”? That’s entirely different and a concept that I hadn’t considered.

Now get the picture of the physical heart in your mind and what does it look like?

First of all, I find it amazing that God made our heart to be the size of our fist. The kingdom of God is at hand and is also within us. That paints an interesting illustration for us doesn’t it? What a strong witness that the heart and the hand are one and the same.

The heart lies in the chest cavity between the lungs and works in conjunction with the lungs, circulating throughout the body what is breathed. The heart should work in conjunction with the God breathed word as well. Now, if the Word, if prophesy, the very things we long to hear God whisper to us each and every day as we read, pray, spend time and listen are God breathed…what then does that say of our heart?

The heart has four cavities, divided by a wall that causes two of those chambers to pump blood throughout the entire body and the others to pump blood only to the lungs. I’m no expert but interestingly enough as much effort or pumps have to be made to supply blood to the entire body as to the lungs which are surrounding it. Is this how my heart has been wrongly divided about God? All this time, I have just kept pumping to only the lungs to feel that oxygen rich life blood swell up in my heart again and again thinking that’s what loving God was all about. But no…God created the heart to love Him by not only pumping to the lungs…longing for His every breath filled with the life we need but to love Him by pumping that breath filled life blood to the body.

You see, yesterday I said that I identified what I was dealing with as “apathy” and it’s because of something Dr. James Dobson said. He said that today, we are so concerned about bringing pleasure to ourselves…we cater to it. We want to make sure we are comfortable and enjoying life and have even created all sorts of things for our pleasure…massage chairs, virtual realities in games and movies, computers, cell phones, ipods, mp3’s, etc. and the list could go on for certain. But we have spent so much time on this, that when it comes time to enjoy the natural things…the God made things that should bring us pleasure…we are desensitized to it and take no pleasure in it at all. We don’t feel.

Well, can it go to another extreme spiritually, all together? When we use all our hearts effort in pumping only to God and back to us so that we gain all the pleasure…does the heart suffer apathy? Does it even know the pleasure that would come from pumping to the rest of the body?


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Apathy no more…

Deuteronomy 6:5
“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

What does it mean to love?

That’s worth meditating on and that’s where I have been spending my time. How do I love when I…if you want me to be completely honest, don’t feel anything? I have been repenting and even grieved at how “hard hearted” I have been or have atleast thought myself to be. God has since enlightened me on this and you might think that the words “hard hearted” are a bit strong, especially when God hardened Pharoah’s heart but that’s exactly what it is. The only difference is…God didn’t do this! Muscles are meant to be used and are kept flexible by use but what happens when you don’t use your muscle? It becomes stiff and hard! I have not been using my heart! In fact…I would even go as far as to say, I have been stiff necked! My eyes have been so fixed on me and my circumstance that I have hardly turned my head to the right or to the left!

Well…I have spent time and come face to face with this demon that I have lived with for most of my life. I have so fixated myself on making sure I am comfortable…that I am happy…that I have what I need and what I want…yes…even taking the Word of God and time spent with Him and relishing in His love…and hording it, thinking that it belongs only to me. It’s apathy and it is pathetic and I AM DONE WITH IT! I want to be consumed with asking the question “How are you?” and I want to be so provoked by the answer that I am moved to do something about it because if I really listen…my heart will respond! My head…which by the way, contains these two things called eyes that the Holy Spirit uses to look through and see the need…will be turned!

On Sunday night, the Lord delivered me. I sat on the floor and my head and neck shook uncontrollably. I was planted in the altar and the Lord would not allow me to get up, no matter how hard I tried and any time I would try to stop the head turning…it would begin again and the pain in my neck would increase. I was even having pains in my heart and thought at one point, something was really wrong. I was completely aware that the preaching had begun and I did not want to be a distraction (and thankfully Ps. Sharon had said that we could stay in the altars) but the truth is…I was the one distracted and God so desired my attention. God has said to me that I have not even begun to cry and I know this…still the tears have barely come, despite the release I feel inside and I believe that a beginning is pending but I see it like this. We are to renew our minds by the washing of the water of the word. And just like when we are washing our clothes and the washer must be filled, it doesn’t drain out until the clothes are clean. Well, I believe the waters are washing over my mind still and soon they will drain. And then there’s a rinse cycle…and heaven help me…a spin cycle and the clothes can then come out for everyone to see…hung out on the line so to speak and thus, they become part of my wardrobe.

And then…just like in the natural…the washer is ready for another load. And believe me…God will show me what needs to be washed.

This bringing me back to the word and to Sunday night when I got home. This all seems rather personal and I guess another analogy would work here…no one wants to air out their dirty laundry but I get to today (as Pastor Sharon would say)! Praise God! Anyway, when I got home, I went to bed…my body still ringing literally…and the enemy was waiting. All night I warred because he told me I was going to die…that I had just shook my brain loose and that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning and it felt like it but IT WAS A LIE! I was up half the night and didn’t know how I was going to function the next day but my Savior was right there with me. Try as I may, I could find nothing in the Word that seemed to help or would even quiet this thing but it didn’t change what I know… that Jesus Christ is my life and the length of my days and no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper…that’s my inheritance! Morning came, I got up, got dressed, got the kids off to school and headed off to work and of course, my head hurt and my muscles ached…PRAISE GOD because when your muscles ache…especially those in your neck…you know your head has been turning! I had worked some “hard” muscles loose and they felt like flesh again!

I went through my day in a fog…and fear seemed to pursue me all day. I got home and the kids and I got dinner and rented a movie and as I was relaxing on the couch…my daughter came to me and said, “Mommy…my belly hurts and I don’t feel well.” Her face was flushed and I asked her, “Are you afraid?” And she said, “I don’t want to be sick on my birthday.” (…the next day was her birthday.) I pulled her up on my lap and began praying and again the threats started coming to me… that she would be sick and I was going to die. You see, the spirit of death knew me …there were spiritually dead places in my heart and in my life…and it did not want to leave. It knew it was done but fear was it’s helper and if I would just be afraid….

Well, I promptly stood up! I didn’t want to scare my girl but I said, “That’s it! Spirit of death! Get out! Spirit of fear! You too! Get out of my house! I opened the door…walked out on the porch, opened the second door and said, “GET OUT!”

And shut the door and went back inside and enjoyed the movie!

Later I went to bed and listening to night sounds on He’s Alive Radio, got more free (whoohoo!) and spent time in the Word and thus….Deuteronomy 6:5…

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

I have heard this and prayed this many times over and now it has set me free!

The word love here has nothing to do with emotions or feelings and is in no way subject to apathy! It means this…”to make ones choice in”.

I shall make my choice in the Lord my God, with all my heart, and with all my soul and with all my might! I will make my choice in the Lord my God whenever He asks me to talk to someone for Him, to give provision to someone for Him, to heal someone for Him, to have love toward…, to have compassion for…, to have mercy on…, to demonstrate grace to…, to…to…to..! I will make the choice in Him with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my might!

When I make my choice in Him, I am loving Him! When I make my choice in Him, I am loving them! I am a loving person! I am! I don’t have to feel anything to chose! I just chose! Chose…chose…chose! Bring on the choices Lord…I want to lavish love on you today! I want to lavish love on others today! Let me chose!

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Holy Rebellion

Two words that do not seem as though they should in any way be spoken together, yet this is what I have been hearing in my spirit all day long.

Matthew 16:18 says, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Recently, during Sunday night prayer, the words, “Lord, give us the gates of hell.” came out of my mouth before I truly even realized what was being asked. And later, as I meditated on this at home, I began to ask God questions that I’m not sure I even yet have the answer to but I do know this…there are gates wide open in this nation that were never meant to prevail!

There are gates that have been open, taking the lives of our unborn children. There are gates that have been open, working to destroy the sanctity of marriage. And there are gates open…seeking to take our liberties and silence the voice of truth.

And looking at this…someone can say that I am attacking the abortionists or the homosexual or even the Hate Crimes Bill…but no, I am making plain the real issue! Every man, woman and child that Jesus died for. Every one that God sent His word for!

Murder…is no more to be opposed than the lies. Homosexuality and fornication are no more severe in nature than stealing. Sin=Sin no matter how you spell it.

But to be Holy…that means to forsake it all!

To be holy is to be devoted entirely to…to be set apart…separate unto Someone far greater than us! To Someone who loves us far more than we even have yet to comprehend! To Someone who’s heart is fixed on saving a lost people who were created for Him alone!

And to rebel….is simply to be in opposition. And it’s time for the devoted, the set apart, the separate to position themselves in opposition. It’s time for the voice of opposition to be heard.

Let the revolution begin! A revolution is that of successful rebellion and major change is the outcome!

We are meant to be a successful people! God has stated that in His word. In fact…His word in itself is the only success to be had! Joshua 1 says, “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.”

And our concern should not be that there is opposition to His word but that we are failing to oppose the opposition.


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