A New Spending Plan

07 Jul


The latter part of Psalm 90:9 says this, … “we spend our years as a tale that is told”.


Spend is defined in basically three ways.   

1. To pay out; expend     2. Wear out, exhaust or to consume wastefully          3.  To cause or permit to elapse or pass


Whatever the translation, you get the picture. Well, maybe not the whole picture, just yet. There’s more.


 Here’s the definition of tale.

  1. A series of events 
  2.  Idle talk, especially harmful gossip
  3.  An imaginative narrative or falsehood



Now, to read the passage from Psalm 90:9 and insert any of the above is certainly convicting but even more so, startling. Shall I expound?



We cause our years to elapse from event to event. I have found myself falling into this very slump. Living from church service to church service. Making it from one weekend to the next weekend & from get together to get together. Holiday to holiday…vacation to vacation. Conference to conference. I could go on but the jest is that I was spending my time looking ahead to dates on the calendar, rather than realizing that each and every day, each and every moment is time that is meant to be spent with God, on God and for God! Yes, these “events” are something to look forward to and something to be invested in but we can only really get the most from them after we have spent ourselves completely on the day to day!



We cause our years to elapse as idle talk & harmful gossip that has been told.  This shouldn’t even be an issue in the church but the truth of the matter is that much of our time is spent hearing what shouldn’t even be said and saying much of the same ourselves in the name of “concern” or “prayer request”. Yes, Pete and RePete sit together every Sunday morning and night, second pew back, nodding heads, “Amen!” right on cue and leave concerned because so and so wasn’t in church or someone or other seems rather quiet today…wonder what’s wrong?  We live our lives pondering everyone else and  telling everybody’s story…and before you get too offended…I’m guilty as charged. But consider it said and done at this point. By the way….I think I have something in my eye…it feels like a log. Can you see it?


We permit our years to elapse, slip through our fingers, fall through the cracks     as an imaginative narrative or a falsehood that has been told.. This one gets me…real good. As an imaginative narrative…reciting God’s word, mentally ascending to it, like a fairly tale that someone else has lived but not us. Once upon a time, there was a woman with an issue of blood…a lame man by the gate Beautiful…a man blind from birth…

There could be shelves lined with books and if you took one off the shelf, you might see something like this on the cover.. “The Tale of Ten Lepers. Only one came back!” or “Zacchaeous and the Sycamore Tree.”


And worse yet…the falsehood. I’ll pick on myself here.  Imagine this conversation going on.  “Yes, I remember Stacey. A Christian wasn’t she? A shame I even have to ask but I just could never tell. She went to church and all but what about that time when she was confronted with…..(you fill in the blanks)? I didn’t hear her say anything about what God said about it.  And to add insult to injury, I saw her walk past that poor man in the wheel chair in Walmart. All the talk about Jesus…the healer? She never even told that man! Like I said, you never could tell!….etc, etc, etc.”


I never want to be the subject of “falsehood”…an unfulfilled Christian life. And by the way, I heard this conversation going on between Pete and RePete but this is strictly confidential!


So…after all this, what’s the solution?  More on this tomorrow!  Until then…spend well!
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