What a weekend!

17 Aug

OK…kids are really funny, so I have to blog this!  Two separate events…one really great God and a very witty boy! 😉 

On Saturday, the kids and John were up and out of bed before I was because I had been out of town and got home late from ministry the night before and didn’t land on the pillow until 2 AM.   The kids went to the kitchen and got their breakfast while I headed in to take a shower and get ready. I had lots of errands to run before dinner at John’s mom & dads at 5 PM.  After breakfast, Emily began complaining of a headache, so I gave her some acetaminophen.  We got in the car and because it was nearly lunch time, we headed to McDonalds to get a drink for all of us.  When we were pulling in the parking lot, Emily said, “My head really hurts and it’s really weird because my tongue is half numb.”  I said, “Em, are you OK?” and she said, “Yeth…my ton is thust numb.” So we proceeded through the drive through and as I handed her the drink, I asked her again, “You OK?” And by this time, her speech was much worse.  I told her to stick out her tongue and when she did, it was huge and blue.  I said to John, “To the hospital, now!” 

I asked her again if she was OK (because I wasn’t at that point) and also asked her if she could breath and she was breathing fine.  I ran down the checklist of the things I had on hand that might help.  

Cell phone




The Name of Jesus


I was already praying but it was at this point that I got really mad!  I thought, “How dare you touch my child!” That might sound like a question but it wasn’t!  Hands off!  I began rebuking and like Pastor Sharon would say, “showing my teeth” to the devil because no weapon formed against us shall prosper!  

Praying with Holy Spirit again, I heard Him say, “Curse the allergy to mold.”  

No questions asked, I did it!  I said, “In the Name of Jesus, I curse the allergy to mold! You die now!”

By this time, we were nearly to the hospital exit and Wesley, who by the way was crying for his sister, asked her a question and she answered, “Yes.”  He then said, “Emily, are you healed?  Your words are better!” 

And she said, “Yes!”  I looked at her and asked her to put out her tongue and it was completely normal.  I gave her a once over also and asked her, “Does your head hurt? Is your tongue numb?” And to both she answered, “No.”  

Praise God, he is faithful! Our defense and our healer!  What an awesome God!  I am  so thankful and believe me, words are not enough! 

So, we simply turned the car around and headed to Walmart and all was and is well!  

(By the way, it turns out Em ate some expired generic Rice Crispy cereal that the school sent home with the kids at the end of the year.  They were in the individual containers and I hadn’t even thought about them because the cereal I buy at the market is usually what they go for! I had no idea and can’t prove that was the problem but God is more than good!  Thank heavens He knew!) 

Now for the funny parts…. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we had a picnic and a little boy either poured or spilled tea on Emily’s shirt. (I heard there was a lot of that going around.  It was probably pay back time.)  Wes goes to console her (yeah right) and makes the crack… “Now she’s wearing a Tea-Shirt!”  Needless to say, she didn’t like this and they were off fighting ,everyone was in trouble and heading home early with Dad.  Unknown to me that it all started with Wesley’s witty remark.  So when we were sitting at the table, going over the events of the day and Wes told me what started the fight, I was left undone and rolling in laughter!  Then I was in trouble…  😉  Just a little! 

Then last night when we went to visit my sister, we were sitting on her porch, enjoying a cup of coffee and I was telling her about Saturday and how God healed Emma.  I can’t help but brag on how great He is!  Wes was with us and I said, “Wes was crying! I was crying!…” and that’s when he comes off with, “I was only crying because I thought she was contagious!”  Haahaahaaa hahahaha!  It still makes me laugh! 

Kids are the greatest and I am so thankful for mine.  When they laugh with each other!  When they cry with each other! When they get mad at each other!  It’s all part of growing up and I am so thankful that they are and I get to be a part of it!  They are fearfully and wonderfully made!


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3 responses to “What a weekend!

  1. Lisa Stricker

    August 17, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    hahah Stacey this has just made my day! I am so glad Emma is healed from that nasty mold stuff. But I am more proud of you for listening to the Holy Spirit what a testimony and a loesson for all of us even though sometimes we hear Him speaking in our carnal mind we think to our self and for that split second we think why in the world would i call out this or that? I am so glad that I have learned from all of you to follow His voice and speak what he tells me to. That actually happened to me yesterday at church. I had a vision while I was praying with a lady and I began to speak exactly what I was seeing even though it sounded rediculous to me she knew exactly what I meant. I am learning! and I miss you guys! I cant wait to see you again! by the way…kids are great! 😉

    • insimplicity

      August 17, 2009 at 7:18 pm

      Missin’ you too girl! We’ll see each other soon! You’ll have to come out for the Healing Conference in September. Check out the website for more info at

  2. sheri sechler

    August 23, 2009 at 2:16 am

    Tea-shirt?? Hilarious!!


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