Calculating Words

27 Aug

 So many words all the time. Words that buy or sell. Words that add up someone’s worth and subtract from it as well. Words are used to calculate. Words can multiply. Words are much like fractions and can conquer and divide. So count your words and measure them before you chose to speak. Whatever the equation, the quantity you seek, can only be equal to the faith in Whom you speak.

This is just a little poem God gave to me. A psalm or a proverb maybe?

Do we realize that every time God spoke, it cost Him something? He didn’t create in Genesis out of “nothing”. He created it out of Himself and it was a calculated word. That’s why you and I are so valuable friend! It’s because the very breath that gave us life, that we inhaled, is a part of Him exhaled.

 Throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelation; all the history; every man or woman’s story; every last word right down to the jot and tittle; it was costly! Every blessing withdrew something from Him. Every judgment expensive to Him as Creator. There is nothing He has created that is without value.

Do we realize that every word we speak costs Him something? Not because our words can add to or take away from Him. He is limitless and boundless.  He is the highest of heights, the deepest of depths, the widest of widths, the longest of lengths! He is immeasurable. God never waxes or wanes. He never increases nor does He decrease. He is the one Who Was, Who Is and Who Is to come! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But our words cost Him something in the sense that they add to or take away from us. Our words determine our location in His height, His depth, His width and His length. You see, to calculate is to design or adapt for a purpose. Calculations are deliberate and are the mark of shrewd consideration and reveal resourcefulness. What do our calculations reveal about us?

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