A Little Further Than The Eye Can See!

17 Mar


Yesterday I went for a routine eye exam. My eyes haven’t been examined for quite some time and I knew they were changing.
Upon looking at my eyes, the doctor said, I have good news. Your eyes have improved! You are not nearly as near-sighted as you used to be!
Of course, immediately God began speaking. This is a marked time! These were words, even though the slightest change, that cause me to cling to a promise that God has given me! I can see it a little better now!
A nearsighted person can be defined as one who has bad distance vision: unable to see clearly objects that are far away.
We can conclude then that a nearsighted person has trouble really focusing on anything other than the immediate or the biggest picture. That’s what can be seen most accurately.
I find it interesting to note as well that in the U.K., ophthalmologists use the term short-sighted rather than nearsighted. That puts things in a whole new light as well. To be short-sighted is to do something in the short-term, without taking the future into account.
Hmmm….an account for the future. Can’t you just see that?

Umm, Yes sir! I’d like to open an account today! A future account.


And what exactly do you expect to deposit into this account?

Well, Sir, I can’t exactly see what it is I have here! It’s pretty far away and it’s all a bit of a blur!


Well, that will never do! This isn’t that kind of account! What I need here is your report!

Report! What do you mean report? This is a future account!


Yes, that’s correct! Your future can only be contained in your account!

What are you saying?


The question is, what are you saying? This account is your report! It’s the written or spoken report of something. Habakkuk says, “Write the vision!” What you can read will determine what you see and what you see will be determined by what you write! You see, the instruction here is first to see the vision but in order to write it, the vision must be interpreted. Revelation defined.
Now, shifting gears here….
Last night at the World Lighthouse, Lisa Butler brought the prophetic word that God is activating interpretation of what we see. That we accurately interpret the vision.
An eye exam is a perfect analogy of what true interpretation looks like.
Just imagine the doctor is God and the eye chart is the Word of God. How “near sighted” or “far sighted” we are will determine how well we read the chart!
He begins by asking, can you read anything on the bottom line?
He then asks, how about the top line? Tell me if you can make it out at all.
By determining how well we can see the top line, he begins making adjustments based on the bottom line.
When we read the word, we see the largest letter, it’s surface. It’s top line. That’s vision. But we must meditate, focus and adjust our lenses, until we really see fine print. That’s bottom line! Revelation and interpretation.
You see, the bottom line is the unavoidable factor: the most important factor that must be accepted!
Bottom line, it’s about adjusting our sight until we have His vision! We must see what He sees!
It’s unavoidable! It will happen and it’s important that we see it the way God sees it because if the picture is distorted, it when it does happen, it will not be what we expected.
Without my glasses, I can look at an object in the distance and think it to be one thing yet as I get closer, it’s all together different! What looked like a horse is actually a cow. How many know that a cow isn’t gonna take you anywhere? What I thought was bottom line, wasn’t.


The bottom line is the only thing that will be available for withdrawal in our “future account”.
And we shift one more time…
Last night on the way home, I had yet another very interesting revelation of discernment and even government of our focus. I was talking with my best friends little girl and she said, “Miss Stacey. Do you know why pirates wear patches over their eyes?”

No. Why?


Well, they put the patch over one eye during the day so that only that eye is adjusted to daylight. And then they put the patch on the other eye at night so that eye is adjusted to only darkness. That makes one eye really strong in the day and the other strongest at night and if the enemy comes, he can see perfectly and his eye doesn’t have to adjust!

Alexie! That is so prophetic! God just showed me something when you told me that!


Oh! I thought I was only just talking.

Father, thank you! Thank you for speaking as you do and for the vision for our lives both corporately as the body of Christ and individually. Refine our seeing Lord! Fill our future accounts Lord and help us to see very clearly the bottom line. Examine our eyes so that we can accurately write the vision. Lord, make us like the pirate, with strong eyes, discerning both light and darkness. Train our eyes Lord! Yes, our eyes are in training and we shall see you! We know that our future is comprised of the Coming Christ! You said to watch because you are coming and we watch! Thank you Lord!


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