Do You Have A Sparkle?

23 Mar

Revelation from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium!
Molly, the one chosen to inherit all of Mr. Magorium’s store and all of it’s glory, was riding on a bus, trying to write the rest of her story…struggling to compose the last verses of her song, when she looked up and saw a sign.

Do you have a sparkle?
Take a gaze at the stars in Edward’s Planetarium

After reading it, she looked around, almost as if it had spoken out loud to her and she wondered if anyone else heard it.
Ever have that happen to you?
Now you have to understand. Molly didn’t want that store. In her heart, there was somewhere else she needed to be. Something greater she needed to do. Something left unfinished in her life. She had been composing a song since she was a child and she wanted to see it finished.
But Mr. Magorium saw something different. He knew she was to carry on His legacy and the music would come. It was all part of a bigger plan.
Shortly after she read the sign, she asks the accountant (nicknamed Mutant) a series of questions.

What do you see when you look at me?
Do you see a sparkle?
You know a sparkle…a reflection of something bigger that’s trying to get out!

OK! Now I was looking around just like Molly did in that scene on the bus! I knew God was speaking to me!
The word in this hour is “Arise and shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” Isaiah 60:1
I found myself asking those same questions.
There is a reflection of something BIGGER that’s trying to get out!
Again…Here’s your sign!

Do you have a sparkle?
Take a gaze at the stars in Edward’s Planetarium

Father prompted me to take a look at the name Edward. Edward means “guardian of wealth.” Sounds like Jehovah Jirah to me!
In prayer and through prophecy recently, God has been speaking to us through the constellations. The North Star, Ursa Major , Ursa Minor and the big dipper.
It was by appointment that I purchased this movie and watched it with my children!  It was a sign to me! GAZE AT THE STARS…at the guardian of wealth’s planetarium! This is definite confirmation!
While attending a conference recently, Mahesh Chavda (  was a guest speaker. He said that we as children of God have a glory bubble that can and will effect those around us. That we emanate a different reality. Another definition of sparkle is to emit bubbles.

At one point in the movie, Mr. Magorium dances on a large sheet of bubble wrap that Molly laid out for him. As he danced, it made music with every step he took! That to me is a beautiful analogy of our “glory bubbles’, emanating the very sound of Father’s dance over us! We must give Him a place to dance! How He rejoices as the sound of heaven is heard in the earth, as we release His glory!
I could blog for miles about all the prophecy in this movie but only a few more inches I promise!
Mahesh Chavda also gave a testimony about how they are seeing many miracles take place of people waking out of comas. And one in particular, God spoke to Mahesh and said, “Wake up sleeping beauty!” And to make a long story short, he used those exact words to do so. He didn’t say a long prayer and he didn’t fill the religious quota!  Gasp! He just simply said what God said to him.  “Wake up sleeping beauty!” That was God’s prescription for that moment.
There is an awakening taking place! The coma is not a mere happenstance. It’s relevant to what is taking place in the earth today. It’s time to wake up!  Wake  up America the Beautiful! 
At one point in this movie, the accountant fainted after witnessing a “block of wood” come to life. (Ha! So prophetic!) And these are the famous last words Molly said to the accountant! Can you guess? “You have to get up sleeping beauty!”
By the way, the accountant’s nickname, mutant, means to change! Things are changing!
You can count on it!

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2 responses to “Do You Have A Sparkle?

  1. Tim livengood

    March 26, 2010 at 2:27 am

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haugh !!!!! twinkle twinkle little star ? taking a look up^ at the author and finisher seated , standing , dancing in heavenly places. How about double bubbles, what does that sound like when it realeases a sound?? glory glory halelujah —- glory glory halelujah , His truth is marching on !! marching in march !!!!!

  2. mystique

    April 26, 2011 at 11:23 am

    Thank You! It rings true with clarity


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