Get Outta Town!

06 Jan

This Christmas, my grandmother gave me a precious gift.  I have been wanting for years (and she didn’t know it), a Willow Tree nativity.  Lo and behold, I feel like a little kid over it!  

Immediately, Father spoke to my heart and told me to put it out when I took my Christmas decorations down.  And so, I did.  It has found it’s place on the mantle and every day, when I sit and have time with the Lord, before the sun even comes up, I can enjoy it! 

DISCLAIMER:  You could be offended by what you are about to read.  Just remember, God said it to me too because I needed to hear it. 


On Tuesday, first thing in the morning, my Wes accidentally knocked a globe off the hutch and it shattered.   Later that day, I was taking down the decorations at church and found a glass ball from the tree with a hole punched through it, so I sat it aside to throw it away later.  Later, I found it was shattered.  That evening, I was sitting with a friend in her kitchen, when her daughter came along and knocked a glass on the floor.  Shattered. 


What’s more, is when I was taking the decorations down at the church that same day, I had packed up the nativity, put it snuggly in it’s box and began carrying it to the hallway to put it away.  When I got to the tile floor, the bottom of the box fell out and the insides hit the ground, foam packing and all.  It made a loud sound but when I picked up the box to survey the damage, the only thing that had fallen out, was Jesus.

This year, prepare for a shattering of things.  Unimportant things. 

Prepare for Jesus to come out of the box. 


During prayer this morning, I had a vision.  I saw houses with name plates on them and mail boxes with names.  From these houses, I saw paths going out AWAY from them.  I emphasize AWAY!

Paths of righteousness are set before us for His names sake!  And they are taking us away from our nice little houses, in our nice little neighborhoods in our nice counties, in nice states, in a nice nation!  AWAY from here!  We’ve been walking on self-righteous paths, thinking this is God and this is where we are called to.  God said that we will have a hundred fold in this life and in the life to come if we forsake all to follow Him and friend, that’s away from houses and lands, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, etc.  AWAY! 

How do we think that David ended up in the valley of the shadow of death?  Do we think that the Shepherd led him to lie down in green pastures, beside still waters and then onto paths of righteousness, without taking him further into that place as well?  Looks to me like that’s exactly where the path of righteousness leads!

Why do we assume that David just found himself there or stumbled into that place?  Not so.  The Lord led him there as well and if we will read the Word, we will know that we are led to that place also.  There is a valley of the shadow of death, where people are living in darkness, who could be snuffed out at any moment! What are we afraid of?  What is stopping us?  Evil? 

Here we are sitting in the comfort of our home fearing evil.  Doing all that we can to be safe and protect what is precious to us, just trying to keep things together.  But if I’m reading correctly, it’s in that place…THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH…that we will fear no evil!

Our cups are running over but it’s not just for us!  Our cups run over with salvation, with grace and mercy! Our cups are wells of the precious blood of Jesus, meant for more than just “me”!  When our cup runs over, there better be another cup to fill or it’s wasted! 

What happened to the GREAT COMMISSION?  You think your kids are picky eaters!  Father God is no stranger to that!  I’ll take all the blessing scriptures! I’ll gorge myself on them and fatten up.  But that one?  No, I don’t eat that.  Go?  Go where?  But I’m called here. 


I had yet another impression during prayer this morning.  I saw Joseph and Mary with the infant Jesus (like in the movie The Nativity), when God had given Joseph a dream and told him to take the child, his mother and go into Egypt.

Why is it that we think that once we have Jesus, it’s all easy from there?  We quote from the book of Joel that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and that we will dream dreams and have visions.  Do we think that these dreams are of a nice white Christmas or that the visions are of sugar plums dancing in our heads?  I can just hear the Mamas and Papas in the back ground singing, “Dream a little dream of me!” 

This dream that God had given was to go into Egypt!  God told them to go into bondage!  We are not made free to live wherever we want and however we want!  We are free to go back into the place of bondage, as a free man, carrying Christ into that place!  God is calling us into Egypt!   


2 responses to “Get Outta Town!

  1. Your sister Lori

    January 7, 2011 at 1:02 am

    Good blg sis… you.Lori

  2. brandon hutzell

    January 7, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    Thanks for this one Stacey… you’re warning to start the post about it being offensive is only partially true… He did say it to you, however, WE ALL NEED TO HEAR IT. Be thankful for the offensive message you have and continue in it, the fragrance of Christ is upon it and you’re shattering the glass house of the “all about me” modern FALSE GOSPEL. DO IT!


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