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Prayer is such a gift to us and I have to testify of God’s goodness and show Him off a bit today!

Yesterday in church,  a sweet lady came to me and said, “Stacey, have you been doing alright this week?”

It caught me a bit off guard but of course, I’ve been just fine. 

She went on to tell me that I’d been on her heart and she has been praying for me. 

That so touched me and I am thankful for that.

Today, those words have taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Last night, as my family was sleeping, the oil filled heater we keep in the kitchen was knocked loose from the outlet.  Our happy-go-lucky little chihuahua loves to snuggle up close to it and must have knocked the cord.  With one prong in and one prong out, the outlet shorted and caught fire.  This is evidenced in the melted lamp cord and plastic.  Thankfully nothing else caught fire!  

When John woke me to tell me just before he left for work, all I could do was thank and praise God! 

Later today, at work, I got a phone call from my husband that as he was driving into work this morning, the hood on our car unlatched and smashed into the windshield.  All of this at 45 miles an hour! 

The hood will need replaced but thankfully, my husband is just fine!

Does God not deserve the glory?  Oh. yes. He. does! Yes sir!

Again, as I was sitting at my desk, the precious words of the  lady who spoke with me yesterday came to my remembrance. 

Immediately I picked up the phone to call her and to thank her for her prayers!  Yesterday, none of this made sense but today is a much different story and I had to share that with her.

When I reached her, she said, “Well, I thought maybe there was something I was missing.  God woke me up several times this past week in the middle of the night and I just could not sleep.  That’s not like me at all.  So, I went to prayer for the church and all of the people there.  And God put you very strongly on my heart each and every time and your husband.”


Every word spoken. 

Prayers uttered.   


Thank you Lord for every prayer and every answer. 



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