How We Overcome

10 Jun

Revelation 12:11, And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

I have to admit one major fault I have.  I habitually confess/pray partial scripture.  Not on purpose but somewhere along the line, what I memorized had only partially gotten to my heart.  Or maybe it’s that the part that impacted me to most made it down deep.  I don’t know.

There! I feel better.  “Hi! My name is Stacey and I have a bad habit.”

Truth be known, I think God may relish this defect because it’s like WHAM! When I discover where I’ve stopped short, it’s like a shot in the arm! The second (or third) part of the immunization is administered and  my defenses are strengthened!

And that’s what happened here! I’ve been limping around on two parts of the trilogy as an overcomer!

How do we overcome?

1. By the blood of the Lamb.

This speaks of relationship.   We have to part of the blood line of Jesus. Our lineage is in Christ and not of this world.  We are heirs of salvation! Our sins forgiven…covered by the blood and that blood flows in our veins! I love a statement that was made at The Call Virginia, “If someone cut you open, you should bleed the Word of God!”

This leads to…

2. By the word of their testimony.

What we say is who we believe we are!

God holds His word above His name and the picture I see when meditating on this is a legal contract that requires a signature at the bottom.  Everything that’s in the name of Jesus will uphold the contract of His word!

3. (This is the heat seeking missile.)  Love not thy life unto death.

Who better to look to in this than Jesus?  His blood. His testimony. His perfect love.  He didn’t love Himself more than Father God.  He didn’t love himself more than the purpose that had to be fulfilled by His life, that was carried out in His death and released to us in His resurrection!

I (we) must not miss this! I (we) overcome by carrying out God’s plan for my (our) life! By fulfilling the desires of His heart.

At all costs, we must say what God says. Do what God does.  Be who God is. Even if it means that it kills us.

We are overcomers! We have the victory! This eludes to being tried or being take to law. We win! Every trial! We win!

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