I Am Poring Over Your Life, says the Lord and I Am Pouring Over Your Life.

21 Nov

police line

I woke up this morning hearing, “I am troubling your borders now. How far will you let Me take you?”  I see how we have yellow taped off our comfort zones, maintaining our self-appointed jurisdictions. We’ve been policing our lives, as if they are our own.


I see boundaries roped off in our swimming holes.  “This is deep enough.”  What we think is waist-high is only ankle-deep.  There are deeper waters still.  We’ve been playing in the puddles of broken cisterns and calling man-made pools oceans.

flood waters

A flood of His glory is coming.  Like waters cover the seas and then defy the banks and the brinks when heavy rains fall; this is what is coming.  Prepare to be swept up in the current and allow God to carry you.  I see houses and landscapes changing.  Houses and lands.  All will be effected.  Denominational walls. Man made walls cannot stop even the trickles of this next move.  For there is a river pouring forth from under the threshold of the throne room of heaven now. “I am poring over your life, says the Lord. And  I am pouring over your life.”


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3 responses to “I Am Poring Over Your Life, says the Lord and I Am Pouring Over Your Life.

  1. Amy Nedrow

    November 21, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Boy, a right-on-time-word – I know for me anyway 🙂 Thank you:)

  2. michelelkennedy

    November 28, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    This is such conformation!! Thank you for being obedient in writing it!

  3. Jerry Travis

    December 5, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    last night when I was praying, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said go deeper, and I said yes Lord, I said Lord I dont know what it means, but I know that You will be with me, so yes Lord, I will go deeper, and i began to cry, and have this sense of peace come over me, there is a sound in my deepest part and its crying..OOOOOOOOhhhhhh…dont know what it all means, but today i was just surfing on my break, and I came across this post. PRAISE GOD. IT was a-word-for me.


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