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Constantinople! Constantinople!!

This morning, I was standing at my kitchen counter and was simply making turkey sandwiches. Not really engaged or fully awake.  I had basically rolled out of bed and with one eye open, headed out to make my sweet daughter’s lunch for the day.

At first it came to me a bit garbled, breaking through my fog.  “Constantinople.”

But then, just as I was grasping that an unfamiliar word was entering my thoughts, there was a shout in my Spirit. “CONSTANTINOPLE!!”

It was so loud and so clear, there was no mistaking! Listen up!

I, still in my jammies, hair tussled, head out to start the car and I can’t stop this feeling that something is emerging! Something is happening.  Constantinople.

I head back inside and ask my son, “What does Constantinople mean to you?”

He replies, “Ummm…. (eye roll)… it’s a city?”

Yeah. No kidding.

So, I do what any uneducated parent does who resorts to asking their freshly schooled children and falls short. I Google it!  (Not that I am uneducated. I’m certain I have learned about this already but my every day usage of Constantinople is a bit rusty. Especially since  I was unsure of even how to spell it. And it’s not exactly something I need to refer to when making cheese raviolis for dinner and it’s not an item on my list of errands to run.)

So here it is, according to Wikipedia and you can find the entirety of the explanation here…

From its foundation in the 4th century to the early 13th century, Constantinople was the largest and wealthiest city in Europe[6] and it was instrumental in the advancement of Christianity during Roman and Byzantine times as the home of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and as the guardian of Christendom’s holiest relics such as the Crown of Thorns and the True Cross. After the final loss of its provinces in the early 15th century, the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire was reduced to just Constantinople and its environs, along with Morea in Greece, and the city eventually fell to the Ottomans in after a month-long siege in 1453.

Aerial view of Byzantine Constantinople and the Propontis (Sea of Marmara)

Constantinople was famed for its massive and complex defences. Although besieged on numerous occasions by various peoples, the defences of Constantinople proved invulnerable for nearly nine hundred years before the city was taken by foreign forces in 1204 by the Crusader armies of the Fourth Crusade, and after it was liberated in 1261 by the Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos, a second and final time in 1453 when it was conquered by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II. The first wall of the city was erected by Constantine I, and surrounded the city on both land and sea fronts. Later, in the 5th century, the Praetorian Prefect Anthemius under the child emperor Theodosius II undertook the construction of the Theodosian Land Walls, which consisted of a double wall lying about 2 km (1.2 miles) to the west of the first wall and a moat with palisades in front.[7] This formidable complex of defences was one of the most sophisticated of Antiquity and the city was built intentionally on seven hills as well as juxtaposed between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara and thus presented an impregnable fortress enclosing magnificent palaces, domes, and towers, necessitated from being the gateway between two continents (Europe and Asia) and two seas (the Mediterranean and the Black Seas).


From this, I am bulleting some things that are of importance to take note of.  As with anything, take what is good (what comes from God) and discard the rest.  This is simply history and if history repeats itself, perhaps we can learn from it.


  • the guardian of Christendom’s holiest relics such as the Crown of Thorns and the True Cross
  •  famed for its massive and complex defences
  •  proved invulnerable for nearly nine hundred years
  • The first wall of the city was erected by Constantine I, and surrounded the city on both land and sea fronts.
  • later, a double wall was erected.
  • a formidable complex of defences which was one of the most sophisticated of Antiquity and the city was built intentionally on seven hills.  (Makes me think of Lance Wallnou’s, The 7 Mountain Mandate)

Is there a Constantine arising?

Isaiah 60:18, Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise.




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Off the Backburner

1 Kings 7:1, “Now Solomon was building his own house thirteen years, and he finished all his house.”

It’s going to be a very rewarding 2013, for those who have put their hand to building God’s house and in service to Him first. Solomon’s house was completed in the 13th year.

He made more haste with the house of God than with his own, for that was but seven years in building; which showed greater regard to the honour of God then to his own glory, or even convenience; nor was this built till after that… (John Gill Exposition)

Throughout the years, many have selflessly been about God’s business and have served Him with their whole heart. Speaking from a personal standpoint, God-given plans and desires have been put on hold and divinely so.  That sounds contradictory, I know but the very things we have been believing Him for in our families and homes have seemingly been placed on the back burner.

In recent days (I’m about to be vulnerable here) I’ve been going through a mourning of sorts, for a lack of better words.  The threshold from one year to the next always brings with it a time of reflection and honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit of remorse for the things that have been placed on the back burner in my life.  These household blueprints in my heart that have “not been getting or needing immediate attention” are suddenly on the forefront of my mind and the feeling has been that of loss.

The agitation I’ve been feeling and this restlessness should more accurately be considered a fire.  The back burner issues are being moved over the fire. 


The seeds that have been in the ground a long time.  No.  A very long time.  Well….  things have changed.  Just wait and see!

John 12:24, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.  

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Lifetime Warranty

Deuteronomy 29:5, For forty years I led you through the wilderness, yet your clothes and sandals
did not wear out.

The shoes that were upon the Israelites feet were representative of the those spoken of in Ephesians 6:15, For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.

I’ve studied and meditated on this passage often in recent days.

Tonight in church, we were having a great discussion about prophesy and how every spoken word of prophesy over our lives is tested by the written Word of God.

One scripture in the teaching that really hit home for so many of us was Psalm 105:17-19, He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant: Whose feet they hurt with fetters: he was laid in iron: Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him.

Another words, every word must bear witness with the Word of God. Just like our paper money is (or at least should be) backed by gold.  Otherwise, it holds no value and will profit us nothing.  It’s the same with a spoken prayer or word of prophesy.  Unless it’s backed by the Word of God, it will produce nothing in our lives.

This question arose in the midst of conversation.  What about those words that God spoke years ago?  Words that we haven’t seen come to pass yet? Is it too late?  Will they ever come or did we miss it?

Those are valid questions and as we were praying, a word of edification emerged in my heart and I wanted to share it for your encouragement.

The spoken word of prophesy, when backed by the Word of God, does not wear out! Just like the children of Israel, with the shoes that did not wear out,  we can walk for many, many years and it will not fail us. We can trust it to bring us to the promise.

In fact, we must remember, just as Ephesian 6:15 tells us, to put on those shoes, the written Word of God, again and again. There is a peace that can only come from the Good News.  If we go shoeless, we are unprepared.  Without these shoes, we are not ready.

So, if God has spoken something to us, either directly or through another, we must go to the Word and research. Find out what the Word says about it and keep those Words on our feet, so that we are ready to tread on the promised land when we get to it!! Praise God!

The Word of God concerning you has a lifetime warranty. It never wears out!  Put it on.


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How Can I?

Song of Solomon 5:2-3, I was asleep but my heart was awake. A voice! My beloved was knocking: ‘Open to
me, my sister, my darling, My dove, my perfect one! For my head is drenched with dew, My locks with the damp of the night.’ “I have taken off my dress, How can I put it on again? I have washed my feet, How can I dirty them again?”

Last week in prayer, I was a few minutes late coming in and sat down quietly to listen as the others were praying.  In my spirit I began hearing, “Awake my love.  Awake.”  And then this scene began to unfold before me.  It was then that my heart became burdened over her response.

This seems to be the state of the church and when I say that, I’m not including everyone nor am I excluding anyone.  I just know that I am the church and this has been the question in my heart.

How can I?

I truly believe that God requires us to get dirty, after we are clean.

When I say dirty, I don’t mean participating in sin or living contrary to the Word of God.  What I mean is, our mantle, our attire is meant to get dirty.  It’s meant to come in contact with others who are dirty, just as we were before we heeded His voice to “Come, let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” 

Our feet that have been washed clean by our humble Master servant, are meant to return to the miry clay from which we have been pulled out.

Jesus is coming back for a church…a bride…without spot or wrinkle.

Ephesians 5:27, That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any
such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

A spot or a wrinkle is not what we might think.

John Gill’s Exposition of the Word explains it with conviction:

…the church will then be free from all spots and blemishes; from all hypocrites
and formal professors…

Here’s the thing.  I am His darling, His dove, His love…His perfect one and I have been playing the hypocrite.  I sleep, but my heart is awake.  I hear His calling and yet I respond to Him with “How can I?”  and I go down the list.

1. We don’t fit the criteria for this.

2. No one will think we fit the criteria for this.

3. Finances.

4. Circumstances.

5.  I’m going to get dirty.

He is prophesying to me today…to you.

Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee. Song of Solomon 4:7


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Prospering Through The Prophesying

This is a post that I wrote on June 26, 2011 and it has been sitting in my drafts, left unpublished.  The same is true for yesterday’s post as well.  I wrote that particular post on December 29, 2011.

I don’t know why this had to wait until now but I have felt a stirring…a resurrection of sorts in my spirit.  I am not alone in this.

There have been many prophetic words declared and some have been sitting dormant, just like these posts, waiting to be brought before the Lord in remembrance…to fulfillment.

I am compelled because it is the prophetic Word that causes us to prosper.

Ezekiel 6:14 tells us this very thing…

And the elders of the Jews builded, and they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. And they builded, and finished it, according to the commandment of the God of Israel, and according to the commandment of Cyrus, and Darius, and Artaxerxes king of Persia.

What’s more is that this post in particular was entitled “Great Expectations”.

It’s no coincidence that my son brought home Great Expectations for his summer reading assignment.  I am being provoked by God to remember! He desires for me (all of us) to prosper!

Great Expectations!  

As I entered into corporate prayer this morning, the subject of God’s glory came up.  How could it not?

There are some things that have “run their course.”     That’s how it was revealed in prayer this past week and this very thing has been stirring in my heart for a little while now.

Things have run their course and there is more of God’s glory yet to be revealed to us and experienced.  Transition doesn’t feel comfortable.  Among the many obstacles, those that seem most evident to me are identity crisis, ownership mentality or maybe even a sense of obligation. Regardless, if we are going to go from glory to glory, we must move beyond ourself.

That said, the scripture came up in my heart, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Colossians 1:27)

Christ in you…expect His glory. That’s what hope is. Expectation.  Wherever we are, in whatever we do, with whomever we encounter.  Expect His glory!

As prayer continued, the idea of Great Expectations was released and was available to anyone who would receive it.  Again, I was stirred.

What we consider to be “great” and what God considers great, are not always the same thing.

What might these “great expectations” look like?

Let’s just see…

1 John 5:9,  If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater: for this is the witness of God which he hath testified of his Son. 

If we would believe what a man would tell us, how much more should we believe God’s word?  It will in no way fail us or disappoint us!  This is the great expectation.  Daily we are tried in this.

1 John 4:4, Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

This was expounded on as prayer continued…Claudia said (basically), “This that we are expecting is not as is was with Mary.  She was great with child…a babe…an infant.”

That’s just it!  Why are we expecting infant results when the One we carry is full-grown?  He lived, He died and was resurrected and that same Spirit lives in us!

I have GREAT EXPECTATIONS!  I am GREAT with the man Christ Jesus! Holy Ghost without measure! This is off the growth chart.  Man’s tape can’t measure it but He’s coming!

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Turn of Events

I was doing some studying this morning and came across this particular passage in 1 Kings 12 (at bottom of page).  Verse 15 speaks so loudly to me and I believe that we have witnessed a “turn of events from the Lord.”

The New John Gill Exposition of the Bible says this about it.

for  it was a turn of events from the LORD    

 ….it was according to his will and appointment; the defection of the people was willed by the Lord, and various things in Providence turned up to alienate their minds from Rehoboam, and dispose them to a revolt from him in favour of Jeroboam; and the Lord suffered the counsellors of Rehoboam to give him the advice they did, and gave him up to the folly of his own heart to take it:

If your heart is burdened by recent days by official political statements and immoral political strategies thought to improve standings and to bring in votes, read the above again and allow God’s peace to settle in on your heart.

The things that have been spoken and will be spoken in the coming days, I believe are according to the will and appointment of the Lord.  Various things in Providence are about to turn up to alienate minds from and to dispose them to a revolt from certain political viewpoints in favor of another.   

“So the king did not listen to the people; for it was a turn of events from the Lord, that He might establish His word…”

God’s going to hear me repeating this to Him in the coming days. Every time something makes headlines, I can read these words knowing that it’s a turn of events from the Lord!

King Rehoboam Acts Foolishly

1 Then Rehoboam went to Shechem, for all Israel had come to Shechem to make him king. 2 Now when Jeroboam the son of Nebat heard of it, he was living in Egypt (for he was yet in Egypt, where he had fled from the presence of King Solomon). 3 Then they sent and called him, and Jeroboam and all the assembly of Israel came and spoke to Rehoboam, saying, 4 “Your father made our yoke hard; now therefore lighten the hard service of your father and his heavy yoke which he put on us, and we will serve you.” 5 Then he said to them, “Depart for three days, then return to me.” So the people departed.

6 King Rehoboam consulted with the elders who had served his father Solomon while he was still alive, saying, “How do you counsel me to answer this people?” 7 Then they spoke to him, saying, “If you will be a servant to this people today, and will serve them and grant them their petition, and speak good words to them, then they will be your servants forever.” 8 But he forsook the counsel of the elders which they had given him, and consulted with the young men who grew up with him and served him. 9 So he said to them, “What counsel do you give that we may answer this people who have spoken to me, saying, `Lighten the yoke which your father put on us’?” 10 The young men who grew up with him spoke to him, saying, “Thus you shall say to this people who spoke to you, saying, `Your father made our yoke heavy, now you make it lighter for us!’ But you shall speak to them, `My little finger is thicker than my father’s loins! 11 `Whereas my father loaded you with a heavy yoke, I will add to your yoke; my father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions.’ ”

12 Then Jeroboam and all the people came to Rehoboam on the third day as the king had directed, saying, “Return to me on the third day.” 13 The king answered the people harshly, for he forsook the advice of the elders which they had given him, 14 and he spoke to them according to the advice of the young men, saying, “My father made your yoke heavy, but I will add to your yoke; my father disciplined you with whips, but I will discipline you with scorpions.” 15 So the king did not listen to the people; for  it was a turn of events from the LORD, that He might establish His word, which the LORD spoke through Ahijah the Shilonite to Jeroboam the son of Nebat.

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Separation of Church and State

This morning as we came together for prayer here at the church, I heard a terrific statement in my spirit.

“There is coming a true separation of church and state.”

Here is my disclaimer:

I am not talking politics, or am I?  I guess the best claim to make is that because this is of the Spirit, I don’t know the difference. 

What followed was this word from Philippians: 4:11-12, “…for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.  I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.”

For a moment, consider that this was not simply Paul speaking but rather the voice of the church! I sense that the church is coming into such a contentedness…a soundness.  What Paul was speaking of was true prosperity.  He knew what He had whether it was in His hand or not.  Regardless of the circumstances, He lacked for nothing.  Not relationally, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.  Nothing.

After this, I saw coins with Caesars image.  (Matthew 22:15-22).

Clearly in my spirit, I heard, Who’s image do you see?

What God was implying here was that prosperity has a different image.  We can look at money and clearly see the face or head of a particular man representing a government.  But it’s not that simple. Money is not prosperity. Not with God.  If it were, Peter and John would have been speaking out of a poverty spirit when they approached the lame man at the gate Beautiful. (Acts 3)  “Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.”



It’s time to render what is due to the Spirit of the Living God!  There is a separation coming between church and state.  I believe it!

2 Corinthians 8:10-12, And in this I give advice: It is to your advantage not only to be doing what you began and were desiring to do a year ago;  but now you also must complete the doing of it; that as there was a readiness to desire it, so there also may be a completion out of what you have.  For if there is first a willing mind, it is accepted according to what one has, and not according to what he does not have.

What do you have?

God is asking.


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