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Yesterday, a friend and especially a mentor of mine and I were praying together and she said something that truly caught my attention.  Praying is something I love to do as a child of God and Lisa said this, “Don’t just declare but make the proclamation! Proclaming carries a greater weight.”

Well, now my wheels are turning…even more so because another sister in the Lord called me one afternoon a few weeks ago and said, “Stacey, I was praying and you came before me and I saw you saying, PROCLAMATION!  PROCLAMATION!” and then she went on to tell me what the proclamation is.  I took heed because this was an unusual occurance  for me.  For someone to call me and tell me something so specific from God. 

So today I took a few minutes to simply look at the difference between decree, declare & proclaim!  Here’s what I found.

To DECREE is to simply command or to determine what the outcome should be.  A judge would make a decree.

To DECLARE is to make officially known, to announce one’s intentions & to make evident.

To PROCLAIM, interestingly enough means to declare or to declare to be but one very specific difference is to praise or glorify openly or publicly!  Which speaks very directly to our responsibility as Christians.  To not only decree & to declare in intercession but to make a public statement!

What’s more, as I was meditating on this and God began to reveal to my heart all the things we use to word “pro” for. It’s a very powerful preposition!  It states an affirmation of “POSITION”!  It affirms whether or not we are in agreement or disagreement with something, for or against it! 

Fore example, if you read PRO-LIFE, you immediately know someone’s position don’t you!

Well, in this case, we are to PRO-CLAIM.  We should have no problem demanding something that is due to us through God’s word!  We should absolutey be for claiming all the privileges that have been granted to us as children of God & joint heirs with Christ.  We should definately be standing in a position of claiming something that is in the possession of another…specifically speaking…the enemy! 

Sometimes I think we keep asking things of God, when in reality, those things have already been given to us and either stolen from us or we have simply  given them  into the wrong hands.  In either case, we have every right to PROCLAIM and take it back! 

What claims has God made about you in His word?   What can you claim as a child of God? What are your entitlements?


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